Saturday 8 August 2015

Blurple Gradient Stamping

Cirque Pet'La Plate Nail Art

Quickie nail art post today to show you a stamped design...that sort of looks like pomegranate seeds!? I used:

- Cirque Colors Concord
- Cirque Colors Royal Hawaiian 
- Pet'la plate Three Times

I started with a base of Royal Hawaiian from the Cirque Colors Juicy collection, then sponged on a gradient with Concord. I set it with quick dry top coat, then stamped on a design from the Three Times plate by Pet'la plate

If you're going to stamp with Konad black polish, I cannot tell you enough to use a protective barrier such as Crystalline Nail Veil* from Color4Nails (my saviour) because, my god, that polish is like tar. As soon as you touch it with acetone for cleanup, it's absolutely everywhere and stains your skin...even with Nail Veil, a tiny bit managed to get on my skin and spread everywhere. Ugh! I should use a different black, but nothing stamps quite as boldly as the Konad one. Apologies for the slightly grubby looking skin around my nails!

Cirque Pet'La Plate Nail Art

Cirque Pet'La Plate Nail Art

Do you have a favourite black polish for stamping that isn't a nightmare to clean up?

*Press Sample


  1. The gradient is so beautiful!!

  2. AAAARGH the terror that is the stain of Konad black.. I feel you on this one! Do you own Cirque Colors Memento Mori? I've been using it a lot for stamping and I like it a lot.

    Your base gradient is stunning and I can see the pomegranate seed resemblance as well ^^.

  3. Oh my god these are so gorgeous Allie! I adore this! I usually use Mundo De Uñas black stamping polish and remove it from my skin with tape. Clean up is not problematic and it stamps very opaquely.

  4. Ugh! I hate stainer stamping polishes! We can hardly see it here on your skin, so kudos to Crystalline Nail Veil :)
    Love, love, love the gradient and the stamping is, of course, flawless! :D

  5. Loving this design, it's beautiful! I like to use Cirque Memento Mori but for a hard core Black I use Joss black stamping polish but it too is a bit of a stainer so I have to be careful. It's so rich though, I love it.

  6. That gradient! Be still my heart!

    I use Ulta3 Black Satin to stamp - they've actually just launched in Primark and are an absolute bargain - $2 here in Australia anyway. It cleans up easily but it can streak if you top coat too soon.

  7. The gradient is subtle but so damn gorgeous ! and of course I love that you added a little stamping over it :)


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