Monday 10 August 2015

Kiko Power Pro Nail Lacquer Swatches and Review

Kiko Power Pro Nail Lacquer

Press Sample 

Kiko has just released a brand new line of polishes called Power Pro, with all new packaging and a new brush. I've got 3 shades to share with you today (it seems that all bloggers who received this package got the same shades...which isn't very helpful to readers, I'm sure you'd rather see a variety of shades!) 

This new range promises a high shine, salon quality finish (don't they all?) with up to seven days wear. There's also a new brush with an easy-grip handle, striated rod (which basically means the brush rod has indented stripes, designed to distribute polish evenly) plus 1000 bristles with a rounded tip. After reading that I was more excited about the brush than anything else!

Kiko Power Pro Nail Lacquer Brush

So does the brush deliver? I love it, actually. It makes application very easy and distributed a perfect amount over my nails (down to the striated rod!?) The rounded tip means little to no cleanup. One thing I will say is it's a bit on the thick side and not everyone will like that in a brush. Personally though, I wish all my polishes had this brush. The bottles have a rounded square lid which removes to reveal the easy grip handle underneath. I like the little Kiko logo on the lids!

Kiko Power Pro Nail Lacquer

As for the formula, for these 3 shades at least, it's excellent. Super smooth and very pigmented, it glides over the nail easily and leaves a glossy finish. They promise up to 7 days wear, and while a busy nail blogger can't really wear a polish for 7 days, I got up to 2 with no chips before I had to remove it. Usually I refrain from commenting on wear time because there are so many mitigating factors when it comes to it! 

Fuchsia (12) is a hot pink creme. Flawless formula, I used 2 coats, no top coat. 

Kiko Power Pro 12 Fuchsia

Camellia (02) is a nude pink, which is lovely with my skin tone (although this picture doesn't really reflect that at all) again with a fantastic formula. This is 3 thin coats, but you could use 2 thicker ones if preferred. No top coat

Kiko Power Pro 02 Camellia

Red (13) is a basic red creme. We all know by now that I hate red cremes. Great formula, you could use 1 coat but I use 2 as a rule. No top coat

Kiko Power Pro 13 Red

For a price tag of £4.90 each, these are wonderful polishes with a better formula than some high end polishes I own. The shades I was sent are not really my thing, but there's currently 48 to choose from over the entire range. What do you think, are you a Kiko fan?


- Available now from (currently in an offer, buy 3 get a 4th free!) 

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  1. I'm always surprised when I see bloggers being sent Kiko press samples because the brand only sends them outside of Italy. And apparently they think it's a great idea to send all the same colors even though the range has many many more. Not surprised. I've tried a few and love the formula, though I wish they'd step it up and not just stick with crellies and cremes.

    1. I agree, a few different finishes would be nice in the future! I love Kiko's shimmer polishes!

  2. They look great but nothing new, £4.90 is OK but Barry M shades are just as good and half the price....

    1. I love Barry M but their regular brushes just do nothing for me at all, so skinny! :(

  3. I'm very curious to try out that brush! Gonna have to search it out :)

  4. I saw these in store recently actually! I didn't buy them because I didn't like how the bottles and cap looked and now I see they have a wide brush I'm glad I didn't get any since I don't get along with those. I did purchase from their regular line and loved the quality of that polish. The lady in the store was absolutely horrible and rude though which put me off buying from this brand ever again in the future. I do love your swatches!

    1. Oh ew, that always puts me off too! Thinking about it the staff in the London Kiko store weren't that great either! I love these brushes though, maybe because my nails are huge!

  5. I was really curious about this new invention from Kiko! Good to read that they are worth the price :)

  6. I'm a Kiko fan but I wish they'd by now started naming their polishes - the number thing gets on my nerves.
    While I was tempted to get these (am major obssessed by the brush) I don't think they innovated that much on the colour range - it's like a copy of the colours they had in their 'old collection/range', which is a bummer for those, like me, who already own a lot of their polishes.
    Oh well... your swatches are still beautiful to look at and I enjoyed reading your review, specially on the brush part - with you on the whole width matters!! haha :)


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