Monday 23 March 2015

Spring Trends Collaboration with River Island - Glamathon

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I've teamed up with River Island to create some nail art inspired by one of their Spring 2015 trends! Find out about my inspiration and how I created the look ahead

The trend I've chosen is Glamathon - represented by monochromes, bold stripes and bright pops of colour. I chose it because it can be as bold or as understated as you want it to be, and I love adding bright splashes of colour to an otherwise plain outfit. 

For my look, I was particularly inspired by these three items (I can totally see myself wearing that dress this Summer!)

I incorporated the brights for little pops of colour and the skirt for eye-catching accent nails. 

I used Barry M Matt White as the base, and worked over the top with Barry M Black, Models Own Bikini and Barry M Mango

How to get the look

1. Paint your nails with a plain white and set with a fast-drying top coat
2. Accent nails - When your polish is dry, cut pieces of striping tape for your thumb and ring finger. Lay the pieces diagonally first, then add some horizontally. Paint over the tape with a black polish, then immediately remove the tape to reveal your design (don't add top coat until it's fully dry or you risk dragging the black polish!)
3. On your remaining nails, place a piece of striping tape horizontally down the middle of your nail. Paint one side in a bright colour, remove tape immediately and add quick dry top coat
4. When it's dry, section off a thin stripe of colour using striping tape again, and paint over the remaining section with black polish. Remove tape, et voilà! Wait until everything is dry then seal in the design with top coat.

Tip - If you don't have any striping tape you could cut up pieces of cellotape or scotch tape instead, or if you've got a steady hand you could even just use a nail art brush - I just prefer tape as it gives the crispest lines! You can find it in lots of places such as Amazon and eBay.

What do you think, is Glamathon your thing? Would you dare to wear such bright colours or would you stick to monochromes? Browse the Glamathon trend here and check out what trends Ave, Alice and Hannah worked with!

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  1. I would struggle to carry off these bright shades, but I think what you've done with them is fabulous. Very striking!

  2. This mani is just to die for! I would wear this in a second, excellent job!

  3. I love that skirt! Your nail art is so stunning and fits beautifully with the inspirations.

  4. love these nails and the inspiration!

  5. This is such a chic mani! I think you captured the essence of those items just perfectly!

  6. this combo is soooo my style! adore it!

  7. Absolutely perfect! Love the design you created :)


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