Wednesday 11 March 2015

Models Own Icing Collection Swatches And Review

Models Own Icing Collection

Press Sample

I have a new computer! (you may already know if you follow me on Instagram) It's a huge learning curve with the new editing software, huge HD screen etc...but I'm so relieved to have it! It starts up in 5 seconds, what is this luxury!?! It's definitely going to take me a good while to get used to it!

Today I have the new Icing Collection from Models Own to share with you (guaranteed to give you a craving for ice cream, cake, or both!)

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was a matte collection due to the limited edition frosted bottles, however that's not the case (must admit I was a little disappointed!) they dry to a shiny, not overly glossy finish, and look best with a glossy top coat. The shades are perfect fondant colours and give me a craving for all things sweet, like I needed any encouragement! The formulas are creamy and a little thicker than average, though generally easy to apply. They also dry quite quickly!

Lilac Icing - this is my favourite! This has the best formula of the bunch, smooth and creamy and perfect in 2 coats. Shown is 2 coats plus top coat

Model Own lilac Icing

Mint Icing - perfect mint green, just needs some chocolate chips ;) shown is 2 coats plus top coat

Model Own Mint Icing

Nude Icing - Work-friendly chocolate ice cream! I found this one a little thinner so I applied an extra coat. 3 coats plus top coat

Model Own Nude Icing

Pink Icing - Pretty baby pink. The formula is a little streaky here,  so I used 3 coats plus top coat to even it out.

Model Own Pink Icing

Peach Icing - Creamy peachy orange, one of those perfect Summer shades! 2 coats plus top coat

Model Own Peach Icing

Models Own Icing Collection

The Icing Collection is a solid set of spring-ready shades, though nothing out of the ordinary (with exception to the bottles, which may lure you in!) and due to them being quite opaque, they have potential to be used in stamping.

My Picks: Lilac Icing, Mint Icing


- Available now from Superdrug, Models Own Bottleshops and, priced £4.99 each

Press Sample


  1. hahaha - gotta love all the perks that come with new gadgets ;)
    As for the (gorgeous) swatches, I must admit to emiting a little grunt when I saw they weren't matte as the bottle kinda promised, but the colours are adorable and you're right: very yummy :)

  2. I love this collection but my favourite has to be mint icing =] I cant wait to buy it.

  3. oh, I really thought it was a matte collection, but they are pretty all the same! Lovely swatches!

  4. Gorgeous swatches of gorgeous shades on gorgeous nails! I've always been so envious of your nail beds. SWOON!

  5. Could your nails BE any prettier?! And yup, those bottles are telling me I need these shades.. but I'll try and be a good girl ^^

  6. Wow, I really thought these were matte or satin shades :( Since they're not, I am going to pass on those. Love your swatches, though, perfect as always!

  7. These shades fall right into my comfort zone! Love pastels, and these look perfect for nail art too!

  8. I really like the look of Nude Icing... But I honestly don't see the difference between these shades and some of the others that Models Own have out...

    I do love the pastel shades for spring though. :)

  9. I also thought it was going to be matte! I do like the look of the mint one but I have so many mint shades already haha!


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