Thursday 2 January 2014

Gold Filigree

You must excuse my pictures, 2 of my bulbs died on me at the same time! So I'm having to make do until I decide what new bulbs to buy. I have the worst luck with lighting! 

For this manicure, I used a filigree pattern from MoYou London Princess plate 13. My base colour is Barry M Fuchsia and I stamped with Barry M Gold Foil Effects. Pink and gold is another combination I love for nail art, I just wish my pictures were better!



  1. So pretty! And I'm so happy I own both these polishes so I can try this colour combination too :-)

  2. Pink and gold always is a good combo and I like the delicate pattern!

  3. This design is so delicate! The colour combination works really well too! :)

  4. Your pictures are still very good! Good luck on the lighting. I love this combo. Pink and gold is perfect!

  5. These are so pretty...and I really sympathise with you on the lighting! My first daylight bulb lasted less than six months and they are so expensive to replace - not cool.


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