Monday 6 January 2014

I'm Wearing Leopard Underneath

You can't go wrong (well, most of the time) with a classic leopard print manicure. I haven't featured it in a while so thought it was time! 

I've always sort of struggled with leopard print. I know, it doesn't seem like it'd be hard to do, but I've never been able to get it quite right! I quite like this one though and think it's the best I've done up to now. 

I started by painting 2 nails with Barry M Lychee and 2 nails with Barry M Pomegranate. I added the leopard print using little blobs of Illamasqua Taint and a Models Own nail art pen in black. I sped up the drying time using No7 Stay Perfect top coat, then taped off sections with scotch tape. I painted over the exposed parts with Barry M Pomegranate then removed the tape, finishing with more top coat. It's important to let the nail art pen dry completely before you add top coat or it'll smear and you'll get rage (guaranteed). 



  1. Love this! :)

  2. I love this look, it's classic but edgy at the same time!

  3. So beautiful... I love animal print...
    Eva -

  4. Classy and cute. I love the leopard print. I really love the colors you chose. This reminds me of a King's cloak like King Henry The Eighth would wear. The red fur ones with the animal fur trim? Lovely manicure!

  5. This looks so nice! I always find leopard print hard to do too! You've done it really well here and I love how you've added Barry M Pomegranate to it! It works really well! :)

  6. These are lovely, I may have to try it myself! And yes the topcoat smudging things is so, so frustrating!

  7. Gorgeous. And a great subtle way to do leopard print [yours looks perfect to me by the way]

  8. this is fun and classic, a perfect combo! love it!


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