Thursday 21 February 2013

Color Club comes to the UK! + Halo Hues Swatches

Hi! You may have already heard, but you can now officially buy Color Club in the UK! I've been a fan of Color Club for a while so I'm happy they finally have a UK stockist! To celebrate, I have swatches of some of the gorgeous holographic polishes from the Halo Hues collection.

There's quite a few pretty pictures, so click the jump to see!

As you may know, Halo Hues are linear holographic polishes. Linear refers to the distinctive rainbow effect created on the nail (I am sure there are better explanations out there, but the science of it baffles me!) the holographic effect is different depending on the light source and the way it hits your nails. They show up best under artificial light and direct sunlight, and in the shade they appear as plain foils.

First up is Harp On it, a silver based holo. This one shows the rainbow effect the best!

You can see the rainbow effect in the bottle really well in the picture below! Trust me, this does transfer to your nails.

Next is Halo-Graphic, a pink based holo.

Lastly we have Angel Kiss, a green based holo. This looks a little more blue on my pictures than it does in real life, where it leans more towards green.

Here's a couple of extra pictures of Angel Kiss that I took on my iPhone, hours after my original swatches...I noticed the holo REALLY popped under the light in my kitchen!

This is my first experience with linear holo polishes, and I'm stunned by them! I've seen plenty of swatches from other brands before, and the Color Club ones seem to be amongst the strongest ones.

For application, I used 3 thin coats, and I found that to work best. Holo polishes have a tendency to drag if you apply too much at once, although with these it was minimal. Use light brush strokes and you'll get perfect  application! No top coat necessary, and I used a regular base coat.

What do you think? Will you be picking any of these up, or are holo's not your thing?

You can purchase Color Club, including the Halo Hues collection, in the UK from Color Club UK and RW Beauty (authorised UK distributor).

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  1. They are awsome! I love all of them!

  2. OMG I picked up color club in Tkkmaxx before but didn't know they had a website. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Holos are pretty but looking at some of them makes my head go funny and these are some of them. I just clicked the link you provided and it didn't work for me. It's good news that they're coming to the UK but I hope they're not priced high like everything in the UK is -.-

    1. They're not overpriced at all, thankfully! I'm not sure why the links don't work for you, they work for me! :(

  4. I have about half of the full Halo Hues collection. They are so beautiful! By far the best holos I have ever encountered.

  5. Your swatches of these are some of the best I've seen! These are all simply gorgeous!

  6. These are so gorgeous! Your swatches are amazing! These were the three that I really wanted from the collection as well :P

  7. I am so jealous. I cannot wait to get my hands on these little beauties :) xx

  8. Beautiful! I also snapped up 3 of these the other day. xx


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