Thursday 28 February 2013

Butter London Shambolic - Swatches

Hi! Today I've got some swatches of Butter London Shambolic, which I was lucky enough to find in TK Maxx! I'm addicted to bargain hunting polishes in TK Maxx, I'm always in there!

Shambolic is such a glitterbomb. It has purple micro glitter with bits of blue, red and pink, and also larger silver and pink hexagonal glitter, all in a clear base. It's a fairly dense glitter so you can build it up on it's own (I used 3 coats) but in hindsight, may have been better layered over a purple.

Intentionally blurred to show off the different coloured flecks - 

I like it a lot! Glad I remembered my glue base coat though, otherwise I'd still have been scrubbing it off now!



  1. I love the tiny blue glitter in there!

  2. Really pretty swatch!!! I got Shambolic from TK Maxx too, man I love that place :)

  3. Oooh that's gorgeous! I've never thought to look in TK Maxx for polish, I may have a look next time I'm in there! x

  4. This is a really beautiful glitterbomb and it looks great on you.

  5. I picked this up in TK Maxx too! Brilliant find :)Fantastic photos by the way.

  6. WOW that's beautiful! i love all the different kinds of glitter thats in it!

  7. This is stunning!! I am definitely going to hunt around tk maxx for this! x

  8. just wow, i guess i'm dreaming..omg..shocked.
    hope u like my blog too

  9. I love purple color and this polish looks amazing, I'm writing it down to my wishlist :)


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