Tuesday 27 March 2012

Calvin Klein Navy Sparkle Swatches

I have a haul of Calvin Klein polishes that I got for cheap, because their make-up line is apparently discontinued. I think I got 10 bottles for about £14! 

This is Navy Sparkle. Admittedly it looks more exciting in the bottle than it does on my nails. It's a deep navy blue base with blue-green shimmer through it.

Calvin Klein Navy Sparkle

Nice, but not as fun as the bottle suggests. BUT! It takes on new life in the sunlight!

Calvin Klein Navy Sparkle

So THERE is the sparkle that the name promised. I knew it was in there somewhere. It actually looks really nice and has a very glassy finish. 

Calvin Klein Navy Sparkle

If at first you don't succeed, shove your hand into direct sunlight.



  1. omg love this!! i'm ready for another swap! lol

  2. So pretty! I had no clue CK ever had a makeup line :P

    1. Me either until I found these! I guess that's why it's discontinued :\

  3. Nice! But I had a question. Do you think that it could work as tiny top coat on the other polish to add sparkle? Or this polish isn't transparent enough?


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