Wednesday 7 March 2012

Topshop Hidden Treasure Swatches

I'm back from Rome! And of course as soon as I get home, I get sick. I had an amazing time though and eating food in this country is now always going to be a huge disappointment in comparison! I didn't buy any polish in Rome...strangely enough I couldn't even find any. I got overly excited when I found a Sephora (We don't have those in the UK) but all it had was some overpriced Essie. Disappointed!

This is Hidden Treasure by Topshop, a beautiful gold and green duochrome. It's a dupe of Chanel Peridot, but I don't own that to compare.

I was pleasantly surprised by the formula, it was buttery smooth, and the brush in the Topshop polishes is really good. It's a little sheer and takes 3 coats for total opaqueness, but there isn't any streakiness at all.

So shimmery in the sunlight!

I'll be trying more of these polishes, though for some reason I've always kind of hated Topshop! Must get over it!



  1. OOO gorgeous and yayy another peridot dupe.. need to find one. WELCOME BACK omg must be so sad to leave Rome. Missed yu!

    1. I am sad to be back in this cold country! Miss u boooo

  2. this. is. so. GORGEOUS! omg im dying. love love love

  3. There seem to be quite a few companies trying to dupe peridot at the moment. I've not tried the topshop polishes yet but will have to get around to it.


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