Friday 16 March 2012

Accessorize Pink Spice Swatches

I really should be putting clothes away, but I've decided if they sit there long enough, they will put themselves away. That or just dissolve. So the polish!! 

This has been lurking in my Helmer for a good while, I just bought it without really thinking about it. Then I noticed on Pinterest that I was sitting on a MAC BAD FAIRY DUPE!! I flew over to the Helmer to swatch it, and ooooooh is it beautiful.

Accessorize Pink Spice

Now I do not own Bad Fairy, but I think this is a bloody good dupe. And a mere £4 a bottle. Be still my heart. This is a foily, duochromey combination of wonderment. It flashes copper/orange, and deep (almost red) pink, and is packed with shimmer.

Formula was lovely, I used three coats to build it up as it's a little bit sheer, but super manageable. 

Accessorize Pink Spice

Look how pretty!! I just love it. I'm going to try and pick up another bottle for my giveaway, which should be happening next week :)

Also, I have a few new ways of following me, as Google Friend Connect is being a meanie to non-blogger bloggers. You can now find me on:

I should perhaps also make a Facebook page, but the thought of that scares me!



  1. So beautiful!! :D
    I love it!

  2. Yayyyy omg this is a great dupe! bad fairy is at the top of my lemmings its true

    1. Is it super expensive? I didn't realise it was from the Venomous Villains collection!

  3. the color change is amazing!


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