Monday 29 August 2011

Models Own Beth's Blue & Pastel Pink Swatches

So these are my first couple of swatches from my new Models Own polishes, I thought I'd start with some pastel cremes. Please excuse my gnarly cuticles, I've neglected the Lemony Flutter over the past few days :(

Beth's Blue one of those shades that really suits anyone. It's possibly a one (thick) coat polish, but if you're like me and have big nails and tend to paint the first layer on a little messy (no matter how hard you try) you might need two to even out the coverage. These pictures are two coats + top coat.

Pastel Pink is the same as far as application goes. I love creme polishes but they're probably my least favourite to apply, I always struggle to get even coverage.

I love both of these although I'm not sure they suit my skin tone (I have quite olive skin) I don't care though, I won't be kept away from my pastels! :P



  1. They're both gorgeous! I think they look great on you. :)

  2. So pretty! Reminds me of Easter time!

  3. Thanks! Yeah they're definitely reminiscent of easter!

  4. So pretty and you have gorgeous shape and length nails! I have just bought Beths Blue too and yes it was very thick! x


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