Sunday 14 August 2011

Konad Star

This is the first time I have done a semi-successful Konad mani. I bought a plate a few months ago and struggled with it, my stamp never wants to pick up the images, even after I've filed it down a bit. I decided to sit down and keep trying and finally got somewhere...kind of. 

I used OPI A-Rose At Dawn...Broke By Noon, which is a nice pearly pink, but a bit of a pain to get on as even after my best efforts it left brush strokes. For the stamping I used a no-name black creme (which did not work well) and white Konad special polish. The plate is m3.



  1. looks awesomeee. still need to buy some plates and a stamper. I will fail massively.

  2. woooow!
    really really beautiful!!!!
    Join my blog too and take a look :D


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