Tuesday 23 August 2011

Barry M Shocking Pink and Revlon Slipper

Revlon Slipper is a glitter top coat consisting of red and silver glitter and little holo hexagonals. I believe it was made to be used with Revlon's Ruby polish (Ruby...Slipper...) but I don't have that, so out came the Barry M Shocking Pink. 

Barry M Shocking Pink is a nice bright creme, opaque in two coats (you may get away with one coat if you load the brush enough). I added a matte topcoat because I love mattified glitters.

Close up of Slipper. I really like it, it adds a subtle bit (or a not-so-subtle bit, depending on how much you slap on) of sparkle when a plain colour isn't enough.

Also, I have a massive Model's Own haul on the way! Makes up for having lost my favourite clean-up brush. :(


  1. I love that Revlon top coat. Is that a new release?

    It looks beautiful over that pink, I like putting a matte top coat over glitters too :)

  2. Not new, I think it's from around Autumn 2010? Not sure though. Thanks, I can't get enough mattified glitter!

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  4. The pink is relly nice .. Good job :)
    Now following :)


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