Sunday 12 July 2015

Mavala Foot and Leg Duo Review

Mavala Foot and Leg Duo

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If you suffer from dry, cracked heels and/or tired legs, this duo could be for you! The Mavala foot and leg duo includes an emulsion for tired legs and a super moisturising gel-cream for cracked heels (which need to be banished for sandal season!) 

Hydro Repairing Foot Care (50ml)

Admittedly I do suffer with annoyingly dry heels and I have to keep on top of moisturising to keep them soft and supple. Usually I just use a bog standard Vaseline, but my eyes have been opened with this product! The gel-cream formula with apricot pulp extract is extremely moisturising and softened up even the driest parts of my heels in seconds; it's non-greasy, soaks in well and leaves a nice soft finish. 

The scent isn't my favourite but it's fresh enough and inoffensive. For best results I'd recommend exfoliating your heels first (if they're very dry and cracked) then rubbing this cream all over, then putting on clean cotton socks to protect you feet while the cream works (I've been using it overnight) you could also pop this in your beach bag for when you need a quick fix on holiday. 

Revitalising Emulsion For Tired Legs (75ml)

This emulsion claims to relive your aching an tired legs after travelling, and although I haven't travelled long distance lately I slapped some of this on my legs after a few long walks to see if I felt a difference. While it certainly felt nice on my legs and left them feeling soft and smooth, I didn't see a marked difference; maybe it works better after flying! The scent is lovely and the cream is again non-greasy and easily absorbed, so I'm going to keep using it anyway!

Mavala Foot and Leg Duo

If you purchase this duo in selected Mavala retailers you'll receive a free beach bag! The perfect size for all your beach essentials and I just love the print. Dimensions: 50 x 35 x 19 cm (with 2 inside pockets!) I love a good gift with purchase ;)

Mavala Foot and Leg Duo


- Duo available together only in selected Mavala retailers
- Available separately online

Press Sample


  1. Haven't seen these in Italy yet but I'll look out. I swear by most Mavala products so these might be worth a try.

    1. That's good to know, there's a few more products I'd like to try!

  2. I tend to neglect my feet so I could really do with a product like this one!



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