Monday 13 July 2015

OPI Colour Paints Swatches and Review

OPI Colour Paints

Press Sample

Today I have the OPI Colour Paints to share with you, a collection of 8 blendable nail colours plus a silver base coat. This post is focused on showing you the colours, hopefully I'll have a post featuring some nail art soon! Read on for the full review...

What are colour paints?

Colour Paints are semi-sheer, buildable, jelly-like polishes that allow you to layer, blend and mix to create uniques nail art looks. You can use them alone or you can blend them over the Silver Canvas base coat.

Are they like last year's Sheer Tints?

No, not really. Colour Paints are much more opaque. Sheer Tints are meant as top coats, whereas Colour Paints can be worn alone (with the exception of the yellow shade!)

Worn alone you'll need 3 coats for full opacity. Worn over Silver Canvas, one coat is enough. In my swatches, I'm wearing the colours alone on 3 fingers, and on my ring finger I'm wearing 1 coat over Silver Canvas, so you can see the comparison.

Landscape Artist is a grass green. As you can see, there's quite a difference in the colour when worn over the silver base. 3 coats, plus 1 over Silver Canvas. 

OPI Landscape Artist

Magenta Muse is a pink-toned red. 3 coats plus 1 over Silver Canvas

OPI Magenta Muse

Purple Perspective is a dark purple. 3 coats plus 1 coat over Silver Canvas.

OPI Purple Perspective

Chromatic Orange is a red toned orange. 3 coats plus 1 coat over Silver Canvas

OPI Chromatic Orange

Indigo Motif is a dark blue. This one dragged a bit as I was building it up, but evened out ok. 3 coats plus 1 coat over Silver Canvas

OPI Indigo Motif

Primarily Yellow is a buttery yellow. This one is much more sheer than the others so can't really be worn alone. 3 coats plus 1 coat over Silver Canvas

OPI Primarily Yellow

Pen and Pink is a hot pink. 3 coats plus 1 over Silver Canvas

OPI Pen and Pink

Turquoise Aesthetic is a teal blue-green. This is quite a bad stainer when worn alone, even with top coat, but I did manage to get rid of the stains with a bit of scrubbing. 3 coats plus 1 over Silver Canvas.

OPI Turquoise Aesthetic

Silver Canvas is a silver foil, intended as a base for you to use the colours over. It seems to be a pretty basic foil, so you could probably use any similar shade in place of it. It's quite brush stroke heavy if you're not careful, but only needs 1 or 2 coats. 

OPI Silver Canvas

Mine don't have the colourful caps that others seem to have, maybe something to do with them being press samples?

OPI Colour Paints

There's a really good selection of colours here and I'm excited to try some nail art with them! I'm much more impressed with these than I was with the Sheer Tints. If you're planning on just using them for nail art there's a mini set available which includes Silver Canvas!

Let me know your thoughts on these!


- Available now from department stores
- Available online from Nail Polish Direct

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  1. I've been seeing these around a lot recently, I adore the colour selection!


  2. Such an interesting formula, and they look so different with the silver base. I have to say that I'm quite intrigued by some of them.

  3. Wow! You cleared that up for me - they are def not like sheer tints. I love how you showed us how they look with and without the silver base. Your swatches are fabulous, dear! Thank you.

  4. I did not like the sheer tints at all, but these are great! They have so much potential for all kinds of artwork. I look forward to seeing what you create with them!

  5. Ohh, these are amazing! I think they would look gorgeously with led light stamping, such amazing colors! Beautiful swatches, I am drooling over them :)

  6. i'm diyng with all this new range of "watercolor" nail polish, OPI, Essie, formula X, ... !! the possibilities are endless, i can't wait to see your nailart !

  7. I had no idea these were able to build to opacity so your review is super helpful! They remind me of the Dance Legend glass effect collection, is that an accurate comparison? Beautiful swatches and thank you for showing them over the silver too!

  8. Can't wait to see your nail art looks with these, though I love how you swatched them by themselves!

  9. These are beautiful colours. You say they're more opaque than the sheer tints; do you think they would work for leadlightiing?

  10. Loved seeing the difference with and without the base - SO COOL!

  11. I don't really like these alone but they're super pretty over Silver Canvas and I've seen some amazing nail art with them!


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