Saturday 25 July 2015

OPI Venice Collection Swatches and Review

OPI Venice Collection

Press Sample

Today I have select shades from OPI's Autumn/Winter 2015 Venice collection to share with you, including the Little Bambinos Mini Nail Lacquer set! The collection consists of 15 shades in total, and they're all being added to the permanent OPI core line, which is unusual! I have 7 to show you, so let's take a look...

The Venice collection is inspired by the "Sumptuous elegance and grandiose splendour of the floating city" sounds fancy doesn't it!? I've never been to Venice myself, but I have been to Rome and that's close enough...sort of. It's a bit of an odd collection as you might have already noticed; there's a few spring pastels amongst the elegant darks...not really colours that make me think of Venice! When you see them all together though it makes a bit more sense. 

The first 3 shades I'm showing you are salon exclusives, only available to buy from I assume this is a UK only thing, as American blogs are listing different shades as Limited Editions. I'm going by what my UK press release says! (*edit...I've since noticed these shades are available at Nail Polish Direct, so I don't know why the press release says otherwise!)

Purple Palazzo Pants is a lilac creme with a pink undertone. LOVE this, the formula is perfect and it's just slightly different to your average lilac. I'm wearing 2 coats plus top coat

OPI Purple Palazzo Pants

Gelato On My Mind is a pale minty blue, again more suited to Spring, but I see what they're doing with the Gelato thing (if you've never had genuine Italian gelato, you are missing out) I used 2 thick coats plus top coat

OPI Gelato On My Mind

Venice The Party? is an electric blue metallic, very pretty but I feel like I've seen similar before. 2 coats plus top coat

OPI Venice The Party

Now onto the Little Bambinos Mini set. This set contains 4 mini polishes from the collection. Please excuse how silly holding a teeny tiny bottle looks!

Worth a Pretty Penne is a rose copper shade, more shiny and sparkly than my picture suggests. This one actually seems like an Autumn/Winter polish! 2 coats plus top coat

OPI Worth a Pretty Penne

A Great Opera-tunity is a peachy tan shade, not great with my skin tone but I like it nonetheless. A tad streaky on the first coat but builds up easily, I used 3 plus top coat.

OPI A Great Opera-tunity

Amore At The Grand Canal is a vampy red with a hint of a blue undertone. How many red cremes does OPI have? The answer is approximately eleventy-billion. I'm sure this is not much different to about 5 others, but to be fair, they do make nice red cremes with great formulas (if you like red cremes, which I don't) 2 coats plus top coat

OPI Amore At The Grand Canal

My Gondola or Yours? is a smoky charcoal, almost black but not quite. The formula here isn't great, I needed 3 coats and it was a bit watery. 

OPI My Gondola Or Yours?

OPI Venice Collection

This is a big collection and I can't speak for it as a whole, but the ones I tried are great formula wise (with the exception of My Gondola or Yours) and I really love the pastel shades! There are a few other shades in the collection that I'd love to try (Especially I Cannoli Wear OPI!) so keep an eye out for them. 

My Picks: Purple Palazzo Pants, Gelato On My Mind, Worth a Pretty Penne


- Available from August 5th in department stores 
- Available online from Nail Polish Direct (pre-order)

Connect with OPI: Website | Facebook | Twitter



  1. If this collection was to accurately depict the colours of my stay in Venice, they'd be murky, rainy and muddy : )

    But I like the gelato theme !

  2. I love the first 3 colours, there defiantly me =]

  3. I think Venice isn't the right city for an autumn collection, in fact some of the shades are more spring-summer.

  4. I really love some of these, especially the first two, but they don't seem hugely unique but I guess that's typical for mainstream brands. That being said your swatches are utter perfection!!

  5. Honestly the colors in this collection look a bit random to me and I cannot make out a theme here... but since I have never been to Venice I might be wrong. I really like Worth a Pretty Penne though.

  6. not impressed. they don't even look cohesive as a theme; they seem to be just re-named dupes all over again.

  7. I think I'll end up being some of the shades from this collection.. the lilac and mint look amazing and I know there are a few neutrals as well I might end up buying. Thanks for these great swatches!

  8. The colour combinations here are pretty, but some seem a little misplaced and unoriginal, like I'm sure OPI already have colours very similar?


  9. Your swatches are gorgeous and stunning as always, but I don't see anything that unique in this collection. That being said, I'd still totally buy Purple Palazzo Pants and Gelato On My Mind anyway hahaha :)

  10. Aaawwh! Your swathes are always mind blowing! It doesn't matter what you swatch, it always looks gorgeous!! Amore At Te Grand Canal is a really interesting shade. I'm not much for reds but I really like this vampy-ish one!

  11. ooh that blue Gelato is going to fly off the shelves, I predict :P

  12. The pastel shades are gorgeous! Your swatches are killer, you make them all look lovely!

  13. Worth a Pretty Penne and Gelato On My Mind - my faves! Interesting collection :)

  14. The pastels are fabulous, but such strange choices for fall. I still love them though!

  15. Gorgeous swatches as always! I got more neutral shades from the collection but I love the range that you got

  16. Your swatches look fabulous! Such a pity in Australia we don't get Venice The Party? and the royal blue and gold glitter. Not sure why :(

  17. That's a really great tutorial, thank you so much. :)
    I tried sponging with dark colours, and man, was that a challenge to do the clean up afterwards! :D...Visit and book your appointment,they provide awesome service at your door step


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