Tuesday 19 May 2015

Kiko Perfect Gel Duos Swatches and Review

Kiko Perfect Gel Duo

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Kiko is a brand first introduced to me by Hannah, who sent me a couple of polishes in the post (seen in this post many moons ago) and my love was cemented when we visited one of the Kiko shops while in London recently (I kept my basket down to two colours, how good am I!) Today I'm trying out the limited edition Perfect Gel Duos, Kiko's answer to the "daylight curing" polish trend.

The cute little silver boxes contain 1 colour and 1 Perfect Gel top coat, with usage instructions and info on the side and back of the box. I shall quickly type the info up for you:

"Combination of nail colour and top coat ensures extreme shine and long-lasting hold. Developed with exclusive technology activated with natural light. Does not require UV lamp. Can be removed with any nail lacquer remover."

Ok so that's that, they sound similar to the Barry M Sunset polishes. It's kind of strange that they can only be purchased in these packs, because if you want to buy multiple colours you'll also end up with a surplus of top coats! It would have been better to be able to buy them separately, especially with 18 colours available!

Kiko Perfect Gel Duo

We are instructed to apply 2 coats (though you may need more) of colour then let it dry for 2 minutes before applying top coat, then waiting 3 minutes for that to dry, et voila. I'd say 3 minutes is pretty accurate for the top coat, it dried quite fast which is always good. The formulas are nice, smooth to apply and opaque (don't worry, you can remove the square lid to reveal a more user-friendly round one underneath)

Orange (super imaginitive names here, Kiko) is a deep orange creme. I used 2 coats plus a coat of the Perfect Gel top coat, which leaves a nice shiny finish. Also please excuse the burn on my little finger, I had a fight with the oven.

Kiko Perfect Gel Orange

Yellow is a beautiful buttercup yellow creme. How could you not be happy wearing this!? 3 coats plus the PG top coat. 

Kiko Perfect Gel Yellow

Violet is a violet creme (no kidding) slightly more sheer than the others. 3 coats plus PG top coat

Kiko Perfect Gel Violet

Milk Mint is a blue leaning bright mint creme. This colour is.to.die.for. Seriously. This lived on my nails for an entire long weekend which is rare. 2 coats plus PG top coat

Kiko Perfect Gel Milk Mint

I'm pleasantly surprised with how lovely these colours are, and I'm so glad I now have Milk Mint in my life! As for wear time, I got 4 days out of Milk Mint with no chips or tip wear before I removed it. Wear time honestly means little to me as a blogger, plus everyone is different, but I consider even 4 days to be pretty good.

Are you a Kiko fan? What do you think of the "daylight curing" trend?

My picks: Milk Mint, Yellow


- Available from Kiko Cosmetics, priced £7.90 per set

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Press Sample


  1. £7.90 per set is really good, I've saw quite a few bloggers mention this brand now, and I absolutely love Milk Mint! Definitely on my wish list now! x

  2. The yellow is cute but I especially love Milk Mint. Too bad you can't get these without a topcoat!

  3. Great colours here, be interesting to see if the range gets expanded because on the website its saying Ltd Ed. Fabulous swatches as always

  4. I've tried the Sally Hansen ones, and I'm quite impressed ! I think these nail polishes are perfect for girls who want their mani to last :)

  5. I'm definitely a KIKO fan - the polishes are good quality, the brand does not test on animals, the polishes are not overpriced and the colour range is fab. The name tagging is... well, I'll agree with you, not always the best, but... you can't have it all I supposed.
    The packaging duo thing is what has been putting me off buying these - c'mon, it's silly, right?

  6. They have the same colours in the regular line, no need to buy TC every time. I'll be giving this a miss - I don't even wear TC that often.

  7. Milk Mint is perfection!!! It's a shame these come in sets but then again I use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and CND Vinylux topcoats regardless of whether I'm wearing a base colour from that line.

  8. Milk Mint looks gorgeous!


  9. Okay, completely agree, Milk Mint is seriously to die for! I can't handle it! And yeah, that is pretty weird that you have to buy a top coat each time you buy a polish...hopefully it's at least a good TC and you're not stuck with a ton you can't use now!

  10. I wanted to try those Barry M gel polishes, but Kiko first got in my hands and I just love it! I was wearing Milky Mint for the whole week and it was still shiny and no chips! the lady at the counter told me that this super Top Coat can be used with any polish and the result will be the same as with PGn ;) didn't try jet but I'm going to

  11. Thank you for this! I NEEEED Milk Mint in my life now!
    Amy x

  12. Lovely bottles, they are like Dior!


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