Friday 28 November 2014

Autumn Feathers Nail Art Tutorial for Barry M

Autumn Feathers Nail Art Tutorial

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I'm a little late posting this one since Autumn is on it's way out, but there's still time! I created this autumn feather nail art using all Barry M products (they have the most PERFECT autumn colours available!) read on to find out how to do it!

What you will need

- Barry M Gelly in Coconut, Chilli, Mango and Paprika
- Barry M Nail Paint in Copper
- Small nail art brush or paint brush
- Top coat
- Pure acetone (for brush cleaning)

Autumn Feathers Nail Art Tutorial


1. Paint your nails with Barry M - Coconut and let it dry
2. Get a small nail art brush and blob the colours you're using onto some scrap paper.
3. Paint the spines of the feathers using your brush. Don't forget to clean your brush between colours with pure acetone.
4. Using rough brush strokes, paint on the rest of the feathers. Try to get a mix of dry and wet brush strokes.
5. Add little details to the feathers using Barry M - Copper
6. Finish with some top coat to seal in the design

Autumn Feathers Nail Art

Autumn Feathers Nail Art

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