Saturday 27 September 2014

Barry M Aquarium Nail Paint - Persian and Atlantis Swatches and Review

Barry M have released a whole host of new nail paints for Autumn/Winter 2014, and I'll be showing them to you over the coming days! I'm starting with the two new additions to the Aquarium collection (reviewed here back in March) because I just couldn't wait to try that purple!

I'm a big fan of the original Aquarium collection, Barry M proved that they could do great quality duochrome on a budget. I always hoped it would be added to, and what better than a purple? Persian is a shimmering purple base with a pretty gold colour shift, the strength of which depends on your light source.

The formula here is very easy to apply, a little thin as duochromes are. As I did with my original swatches, I've applied the colour over a plain black creme base - if you do it that way, you'll only need one coat of colour, compared to 2 or 3 if you wear it alone. I've used 1 thick coat of Persian over Barry M Black, with top coat.

At some angles, the purple takes on a blurple quality

Atlantis is the new glitter topper released alongside Persian. It's different from the glitters in the original collection - instead of shards, we've got hexes, diamonds, irregular shapes (the pink pieces are not something I've ever seen in polish before!) and a smattering of tiny hexes. I do love the colour combination of pink, purple, blue and silver, but it seems a lot more sparse than the originals. I've used 1 coat over Persian (with a bit of dabbing to fill gaps) but as you can see, it really needs some placement! It also needs quite a thick top coat to tame it down. 

Persian is a beautiful addition to the Aquarium family (I am a sucker for purple and gold together) and Atlantis is a super pretty glitter, but just a bit too sparse for my tastes. 


- Available now in Superdrug
- Available in Boots from October 1st
- Priced £3.99 each



  1. Ooooh I just found all the new beauties this morning while I was out and had to pick up one of the new silks. Now I might need to check out Persian too! Lovely swatches! :)

  2. These both look gorgeous, I'll definitely be picking them both up!

  3. Wow! These look amazing together :) xx

  4. Persian is a gorgeous colour and I love the flawless metallic finish! :)

    Olivia x

  5. Totally going to need Persian. I adore duochromes.

  6. Wow that looks amazing! I really want the glitter xx

  7. I'm not a fan of those metallic nail varnishes personally! But that hex glitter is beautiful, pity it's sort of chunky, Barry M glitters are usually spot on! x

    Beauty She Wrote..

  8. This glitter looks better in the bottle :) But I really like Persian :)

  9. These look fun!
    Can't wait to see your swatches of the entire new nail color range from Barry M!

  10. Such AMAZING shades! I'll be picking up Persian as soon as it comes out. :D

  11. I need these in my life. Looking at your swatches I think these will be my fav releases from the whole of 2014 x

  12. I love Atlantis so much! I've never seen glitters that shape before. I agree with you, it does look a little sparse so I'd probably end up placing the pieces but I'd like to try it anyway


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