Friday, 14 February 2014

Heart Of Glass

I've just spent the past 10 minutes crying laughing at the Breaking Bad Valentines on Tumblr. If you love Breaking Bad you need to go and look! Aaaaanyway...I haven't had time to prepare a Valentine's design for today, so I'm cheating a bit, but I have been waiting for an appropriate occasion to swatch this!

This so-cute-you-could-puke polish is called Heart of Glass, by Face of Australia. I was sent this by Hannah, I like to think because she loves me ;) it's a creamy strawberry milkshake-esque base, full of pink, red, silver and purple glitters. There's even teeny little hearts in there, which you do need to fish out and place because they like to sink to the bottom. It creates a ready made jelly sandwich effect! I used 3 coats and top coat.



  1. You're right, it really is cute!

  2. Lovely! It makes your gorgeous nail beds look even longer. Such a cute shade.

  3. Wow this is a beautiful polish, so pretty and delicate! Looks fab on you x x

  4. Oh, that's so cute! Perfect occasion for the swatch :D xx

  5. This polish is so cute! It's perfect for Valentines day! It does look like a jelly sandwich too! :)

  6. this is beautiful, i love the muted colors!


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