Friday 8 November 2013

The Wickedest Witch there ever was...

Tonight I'm off to Manchester to see Wicked, so obviously I had to theme my nails. Team Elphaba! ;)

This is the second time I've seen Wicked, I first saw it in London a few years ago and now it's touring I'm catching it in Manchester. Wicked themed nails were some of the first nails I ever posted on my blog and they were pretty awful, click here if you want to see! Today's nails are not as fancy as I'd have liked, I got annoyed with the first design I tried because it didn't look right, so I scrubbed it off and when with something simpler (before I went completely insane)

My base colour is Models Own Lime Green, and I painted Elphaba on my ring finger with w7 black and a-england Perceval for her lips. The (slightly shoddy) gradient is also made with both polishes, with a coat of Lo'Real Top Coat Confetti. On my thumb is a little ode to Glinda in the form of Barry M Lady



  1. These are FABBY! I love the graffiti/confetti polish over the gradient, and your Elphie face is great!
    I love Wicked, and did themed nails too last time I went! Hope you enjoy it tonight x x

  2. these are amazing! i think they work really well and the confetti is amazing, thats another polish to add to the wishlist! have fun :) xx

  3. Love your painted Elphaba, oh my gosh I LOVE Wicked, totally my favourite musical cause it's wonderful etc. The pairing with the gradient nails is really nice :)

  4. I can't even begin to explain how cool I think these nails are :)

  5. I love how these came out! Have fun watching Wicked :)

  6. wow these came out amazingly awesome! I hope you have a fun time, don't forget to show of those nails!

  7. I love Manchester, and I love this mani! Have a great time! xx


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