Saturday 1 June 2013

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps Bling - Dotty Hot Pink

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Well, here we have my first foray into nail wraps. I've always been rather scared of them due to the size and shape of my nails, but I was tempted by the Elegant Touch range because they all look so pretty! I'm sure most people are familiar with nail wraps, but if you're not, they're basically just thin, flexible strips you stick on your nails and file down to size. I decided to cut mine down to size first because none of them were anywhere near my nail shape.

These are the "Dotty Hot Pink" wraps from the Bling range. They have little clear rhinestones on them! I started by placing the wraps at my cuticles and doing my best to smooth them over my nail. I used the mini nail file (included in the pack) to file the excess from the tips. Bear in mind you do not use top coat with these!

As you can see, I did struggle a bit. I had difficulty trying to smooth them over my nails and you can see bumps in the wraps, although from a normal distance they aren't actually noticeable at all. 

They're not perfect, but not too bad. I think I struggled because my nails are crazily curved and quite an odd shape (long and thin) so perhaps not everyone would have the same problem. I think I managed to get them to an acceptable level though (just about!) 

Removal was pretty easy, I just used the flat side of a cuticle stick to tease the edges up and then they just peel off. You can remove the sticky residue easily with a bit of nail polish remover. I do like the idea of nail wraps, they're good if you're not into doing your own nail art, but I just don't think my nail shape lends anything to them! What's your opinion on nail wraps?

Elegant Touch wraps are available at their website plus a huge range of shops, click here to see a list of UK and US stockists!

Press Sample


  1. Love the design but I hate that they always have these crinkles on the side...

  2. I love the pattern but I really can't warm to nail wraps, I find they don't stay on very long at all :(

  3. I am also not a big fan of nail stickers, but these look amazing and they look so good on your nails :)

  4. these are so pretty!when i first got into nail art i was obsessed with nail wraps and i used to collect them. now that i blog and i have gotten better at nail art i dont use them as much. but they are really pretty and good for when i feel to lazy to do nail art

  5. I've got this same design to try out too (it's so pretty!) but I keep putting it off because I just can't work wraps properly! The last ones I tried came out really wrinkled, and I found it so frustrating that my nails are completely the wrong shape - like yours, they're quite narrow. I think I might just try to copy the design with actual polish and a dotter and some rhinestones!

    You've done a far better job at getting these neat that I can do!


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