Wednesday 29 May 2013

Dance Legend Fruity Milk - Cream Brulee, Blueberry Mousse and Kiwi Smoothie

Today I have part 2 of my Dance Legend Fruity Milk swatches! 3 more colours after the jump!

I first showed you some Fruity Milk swatches from Russian company Dance Legend a few weeks ago in this post. I really liked them and these are no different! All of them are wearable on their own without the need for a base colour. They build up so well without any clumping at all.

Cream Brulee is a creamy beige base with green and silver hex glitter, along with a scattering of tiny green and gold glitter. I used 3 thin coats and top coat.

Blueberry Mousse is a lilac base with silver and blue hex glitter and tiny blue and silver sparkles. There's also some little flakies in there. I used 3 thin coats and top coat.

Kiwi Smoothie has the same glitter combo as Cream Brulee, except in a very pale green base. Once again I used 3 thin coats and top coat.

I have no complaints about these at all, except for the fact they do smell quite strongly but nothing I couldn't cope with. The formula is lovely and I love the way the glitter looks suspended in the base colour as you build it up.

Dance Legend polishes (15ml) are available from, with $10 worldwide shipping (or free shipping if you order 10 or more bottles) there's loads of new stuff on the website from the last time I checked...they bring out new things all the time!

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  1. Oh how pretty! Cream Brulee is my favorite both as a dessert and as a polish :D

  2. Wow these polishes are pretty! I love that they all are a really demure, subtle glitter :)

  3. <3 love love love!
    Pls, tell me how long have you been waiting for the parcel to come?

  4. Blueberry Mousse is awesome <3

  5. These polishes are so pretty! x

  6. I'd never heard of these before but they are gorgeous!

    Lizzums x

  7. Kiwi Smoothie looks so pretty! Love the glitter against the background color <3


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