Monday 20 May 2013

Fancy Fish Tail

I just love fish tail nail art! I kind of prefer to call it braided nail art though because I don't like saying "fish tail"... it sounds gross. I think everybody knows it as that though, so I'm conforming! 

I've never actually got round to trying this style before now, so this is my first one. I took a peek at the tutorial on Lucy's Stash first to make sure I got it right! I used Barry M Guava Gelly as my base colour, and for the braiding I used Barry M Plum Gelly and Silver Foil Effects. 

I deliberated for a while on whether to use nail art brushes or the bottle brushes, in the end I went with the bottle brushes because Barry M ones are quite thin anyway. If your nails are small though you might be better off using a nail art brush.

I was surprised at how easy it was, can't wait to try another one with different colours!



  1. I love fish tails (braided mani!) too, they're my go-to nail art if I can't think of anything. This is a lovely example and I would never have known it was your first attempt! Fab =)

  2. I love fishtail nails! They are so pretty and the colour combination you've used is amazing! :)

  3. You did an amazing job! (As usual...:P) they look so perfect!
    I still have to get the guts to try this!

  4. Gorgeous! I followed the tutorial at Lucy's Stash too! I got it right for the most part :)

  5. i love this look, and the colors you chose are so pretty!

  6. You did a fab job, these look gorgeous :) Love the colours you used too!

  7. Beautiful manicure and thank you so much for the mention ;) x

  8. Love your work - Id like to send you some of my nail art products pls - Andrea Fulerton [Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique]

    1. Hi Andrea, could you possibly email me, thank you!

  9. Love this colour combination!


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