Wednesday 5 June 2013

Dance Legend Prism - Android and Harbor

Here's the penultimate post in my Dance Legend series! Click the jump to see swatches of Android and Harbor from the beautiful Prism collection:

Press Sample

Prism is Dance Legend's holographic collection, and they're totally stunning. We're having perfect weather for holo polish at the moment too, I've been sitting in the garden all afternoon admiring these!

Android is an aqua-green based linear holo. The formula is the best I've ever used for a holo! It's practically a 1-coater, but I use 2 as a general rule. The effect is quite subtle under artificial light but still really beautiful, and in direct sunlight it's just crazy!

Indoors under artificial light:

Outdoors in direct sunlight:

Harbor is a black/silver based linear holo. The formula wasn't quite as great as Android, but still matches up to the likes of the Color Club Halo Hues.

Indoors, artificial light:

Outdoors, direct sunlight:

Beautiful right!? You do need sunshine to get the most out of holo polishes, although under artificial light they still look lovely. In the shade they just look like flat metallics, so make sure you keep out of it ;) 

Dance Legend Prism polishes (15ml) are available from, with $10 worldwide shipping (or free shipping if you order 10 or more bottles)

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  1. Stunning. Love halos!

  2. That blue is stunning, such a strong linear

  3. Love hollos so much! but all the ones I have found are kinda pricey!

  4. These shades are hypnotising! I am in love with them! <3 XO

    Cat, XO

  5. Android looks especially amazing!

  6. Beautiful! I love a good holo, but i find photographing them a pain!

  7. Why do I always want everything I see on your nails??
    Those two are awesome!


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