Tuesday 13 September 2011

OPI Skull & Glossbones + Nail Art

Skull & Glossbones is part of OPI's 2011 Pirates of The Caribbean Collection. Now, I think this is a polish that has been swatched a million times by a million people, but it's one of my favourites in my collection, so I'm going to do it anyway! I love using it as a base for nail art, or just on its own. It's one of those "anytime" polishes that can be worn whenever, because it's neutral and goes with everything.

The colour is a very light, creme grey. I find it applies a little streaky, but after 2-3 coats you'll have an even, glossy finish. The colour is slightly darker in the shade (see below).

I added a bit of completely random nail art when I got bored.

The green is Rimmel - Green With Envy, and the blue is Collection 2000 - Show Off



  1. I love it! I think I could probably do something like this. Your nails look great. :)

  2. ooh WOW that shade is amazing love it x

  3. Thanks! @Olivia yeah it was easy (as you can probably tell)!

  4. Oh wow! Those colors are stunning together!


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