Sunday 4 September 2011

Accessorize Navy Ink Swatches

I had a nail disaster yesterday, the entire corner of my middle nail snapped off and my thumb nail has cracked half way down  (on my good hand!) :( I don't know why my nails are SO brittle! I hope it's not too evident in my pictures. Anyway...

I've had this polish a while and only just decided to try it. I usually shy away from dark colours because they stain my nails, even with a base coat. I'm glad I tried it though because I love it! It's from the Accessorize 'With Love' collection.


It's a deep navy base with a lighter blue shimmer that shines beautifully in the sunlight. The formula was quite thick, two coats was enough, but it did start to chip after only two days...though that could be partly to do with me using cheap base and top coats (I really need to invest in something better)

You can see in the above picture how it shines in the sunlight. I love it! I just hope I don't get too much staining when it comes to removal :(

Accessorize polishes are £4/10ml.



  1. Such a gorgeous blue! Love how much it shines!
    Sorry that some of your nails broke. I hope you don't have any more problems with them. :)

  2. Soo perty! Do not have any shades like this yet I <3 them

    Also my right hand is peeling like a bitch im so ready to chop off all my nails.. we need some good products.

  3. This is really nice!! I love navy blue polishes soooo much!!

    I cant tell at all that you have some broken nails!! Mine ALWAYS peel and crack. Right now my big toe is literally held together with!!

  4. Sorry your nails broke! Love the polish. It is very pretty!

  5. Gorgeous colour! This is very similar to Orly Witch's Blue- I'm wearing at the moment!
    Sorry your nails broke :-( maybe invest in a fortifier? China Glaze do a really good calcium gel one x
    Ps, thanks for following x

  6. Thanks for the tip, Vicky. I do need to invest in something like that. I've tried all sorts of strengthener but nothing has worked yet


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