Thursday 15 September 2011

Mini Haul

I went on a little shopping trip today and picked these up. I know some people dislike haul posts, but personally I love them...I love seeing what people have bought!

L-R: Illamasqua - Kink, GOSH - Purple Heart, M&S - Rainbow, M&S - Bright Aqua, Revlon - Facets of Fuschia.

I was excited to get the Illamasqua polish, since it's the first time I've actually seen an Illamasqua counter anywhere! I was also glad I finally located Facets of Fuschia, although they didn't have any of the other new Revlon glitters. M&S Rainbow looks to be a holo, so I can't wait to try that out. 



  1. Great haul! I'm really excited to see the Illamasqua polish and the Revlon! :)

  2. I'm giddy about the Illamasqua, looks like the perfect autumn/winter colour!

  3. I love nail polish hauls !!! <3 I was debatting on doing mine so you got me all pumped up lol !! thanx great colors btw

  4. Great haul! I can't wait to see the GOSH polish!

  5. I love haul post .... I also can't wait to see the GOSH polish!

  6. haul posts are great! everyone like a good nose :P plus its great for ideas.the illamasqua is nice!

  7. I have the Gosh polish, I think it looks better in the bottle than on the nail but still looks fab x

  8. @ Musical, I agree! I love a good haul post :)

    @ER, I had high hopes for it, but I haven't tried it yet. We'll see!


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