Wednesday 4 December 2013

Lancôme Vernis In Love Swatches and Review

Today I have swatches of a selection of Lancôme's Vernis In Love range, a collection of 24 glossy cremes.

I decided to swatch all 9 of these at once, as I much prefer putting everything together in one post. It turned out to be an arduous task as my camera absolutely hated some of the colours and I had to colour-correct until the cows came home! Anyway, this is my first experience with Lancôme nail polish and while it's expensive (£12.50 for 6ml) it does have a high quality feel.

Firstly I must rave about the brush, it's quite possibly the best brush I've encountered. It's long and flat with a curved tip and felt super soft on my nails. The curved tip meant there was little to no clean up around the cuticle. I wish every polish brand had this brush!

The formula on each polish was buttery smooth, quite thin but not annoyingly so. It basically just applied like a dream and I found myself wishing every creme in the world had this formula! They all have glossy finishes and I haven't used top coat in any of my swatches.

I've included the code of the polish because the name doesn't appear on the bottles, only on the boxes they come in, which can lead to come confusion!

Rouge In Love (112B) is a bright red which leans slightly pink. Picture it a tad more red than shown (this was one of the ones my camera hated)  this was practically a one coater but I always use two by default!

Gris Angora (407N) is a lilac toned soft grey. I used 2 coats

Rose Bonheur (345B) (I love that name. I wish my name was Rose Bonheur.) is a bright candy pink. Also practically a one coater!

Peach Appeal (362B) is a bright coral. I used 2 coats

Violette Coquette (419B) is a dusty purple-pink. I couldn't quite decide whether it leaned more purple than pink, but I think it does. It's so close it'd probably depend on your monitor settings!

Corail In Love (105M) is like a paler, softer version of Peach Appeal. I love this one! 2 coats here

Jolie Rosalie (311M) is a bright bubblegum pink. This was 2-3 coats. 

Rouge Reglisse (473N) is a deep vampy red wine colour. Very dark and sophisticated! I used 2 coats

Last (but not least, as it's my favourite!) is Aquamarine (501B), a blue-green which leans more towards blue. I never tire of colours like this, even though they're hard to capture correctly!

That's a lot of swatches! I'm suitably impressed with the high-end formula of these polishes, they really are a little bit of luxury and I can't commend the brush enough; though I do realise they're expensive and not in everybody's price range. I'd love to see Lancôme release some different finishes in future!

Lancome Vernis In Love polishes are available from the Lancôme website, Feel Unique, and from counters at Selfridges and larger Boots stores. 



  1. Most of these are gorgeous, but Gris Angora is perfect <3

  2. Wow they all look so gorgeous! But my favourite is definitely Aquamarine!

  3. your photos are spure perfection! amazing shots and beautiful nails! Jolie Rosalie is my favourite here!

  4. All these colors look lovely, and I really like the elegant bottle. <3

  5. Angora is incredibly pretty!
    Sucks about bottles with no names, just codes.

  6. Wow... so beautiful shades.
    I love the vampi red and the turquoise!

  7. Gorgeous swatches! I actually love that rouge reglisse even though I dont go for dark colors.


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