Tuesday 27 November 2012

Funky Squares

Hello! I have to let you in on a horrifying secret...I haven't bought a nail polish in almost 3 months. What's worse, it wasn't even a conscious decision. (I know, who AM I?) I must remedy this before I break out in a sweat. Definitely going to stop by Illamasqua this week I think, I have my eye on something. Having an Illamasqua store in my city is both a blessing and a curse!

Anyway, I've christened this mani Funky Squares. I first saw this style on Lucy's Stash and decided to try it myself. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of my chosen colours. It seemed better in my head!

Stupid, awful lighting. MAKE A LIGHT BOX, WOMAN! 

My base colour is Barry M Indigo. The gold is H&M Golden Treasure, and the silver is China Glaze Icicle. The pink striping tape is from eBay.

I feel like doing this again but with different colours. I wanted to use black tape, but for some reason in my 10-pack of striping tape, there was no black. Annoying!



  1. Cool! I like it! I had the same problem, I started a mani assuming I had black tape, and then realized I didn't! So dumb. Hahaha

  2. TOO CUTE GRL. Let me know when ur available to date!!

    1. Gurrrl have you got KIK anymore? What's your sn on there?


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