Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Silver and Blue Tips

I messed my blog up again (only for the 400th time, no big deal) I think I fixed everything, but if you see something that looks wrong or something that doesn't work please let me know. Sigh!

Today I did a simple tip design using Barry M polishes.

To do this I just used some striping tape, with Barry M Cyan Blue and Silver Foil Effects. I sealed it with NYC top coat. My nails are nude except for the top coat, please excuse the slight staining!

I love doing tips and I'm going to start doing this style more often!



  1. How great it is! Love such simple manis. :)

  2. :o I actually did this with Barry M down the side of my nails. I think it looks better on the tips though D:

    1. I bet it looks good down the side too, the colour combination is just so nice!

  3. I love this mani, it's so classy! :)

  4. Very classy! Your nails are gorgeous!

  5. Gosh don't you have long nail beds! I'm jealous :)

  6. I like that you combine the bue and silver for the tip. I think this mani would be great for work :)

  7. Love this colour blue! This design is so classy!

  8. OMG those are like uber long nail beds! Nice combination! :)


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