Saturday 7 July 2012

Tribal 2.0

Tribal is one of my favourite designs for nails. It might be pretty common these days but the never ending possibilities keep it fresh. Having said that, this is only the second time I've posted tribal nails (you can see my first ones here).

Click to enlarge

I started with a base of Topshop Threadbare on my index, ring and little finger, and a base of Rimmel Sunshine on my middle finger. I then painted on various chunks of other colours over the base colours (the turquoise is Topshop Green Room).

I used a tiny nail art brush and some black acrylic paint to paint on the little details, and finished with a top coat.

Tribal is so much easier than it looks and even if you make mistakes it usually just ends up looking like part of the design!



  1. love thissss boo...the colors are amazing. so cute.

  2. But they're just so NEAT!! I really like the colour combination too.

  3. ooh! pretty! Love the colours and the pattern.

  4. love these - absolutely awesome!

  5. how fun!!! do you use regular polish?

    1. I do for the base, but the black detailing is acrylic paint :)

  6. Oh these are amazing! I love the colours you've used, looks so pretty!


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