Thursday 5 January 2012

Illamasqua Raindrops and Smash Swatches

Illamasqua is one of my favourite make-up brands. I absolutely love their range of nail polish. I don't own too many as it's one of the more expensive brands (Around £13 for a 15ml bottle) but the ones I have, I love.

This is Raindrops. My mum got this for me a couple of months ago (she has excellent taste!) 

This is from a set of 3 fan-designed nail polishes, released in October 2010. The person that designed it describes it as "A light, creamy grey with the sheerest silver glimmer, lightly reflective... like a raindrop.”

This is a really pretty polish. It has lots of little silver flakies in a sheer jelly base. My pictures are two coats, but it could possibly use three as you can see a bit of visible nail line, although I think two is just fine. 

Next up is Smash, which I recently picked up for £5 in the Illamasqua sale. I know not a lot of people are fans of green polish, but personally I love it! This is described as "Bright grass green, glossy finish".

It is pretty bright, but not overly so. It has a lovely smooth creme finish and is super easy to apply. 

Please excuse my cuticles. I got a bit over-zealous with a cuticle stick and now they're dry and sore. Oops.

Illamasqua is available at and they ship worldwide. Sale is still on!


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