Wednesday 23 November 2011

Barry M Coral Swatches

A little complaining to do before I start - My favourite nail (lets face it, we all have a favourite nail...or am I just strange?) has split half way down (on my swatching hand no less) so that's 3 completely broken nails this month. My hands look a complete mess! I swear I have tried everything to prevent breakages but nothing works. Also, my camera is going all crazy on me, refusing to focus and taking awful grainy pictures :( hopefully Santa will bring me a new one, but until then I'm stuck with a crappy one. All this is making blogging much too difficult! /end complaining...for now :P

Anyway. This is Coral by Barry M. I LOVE this polish. I honestly do not have a Barry M I dislike.


It's a very bright, orangey coral, super easy to apply and opaque with two coats. Like a lot of Barry M, it seems to be a hybrid of creme and jelly, though I'd lean mostly towards jelly.

I like wearing it on nights out when I'm wearing mostly black clothing, it makes dark outfits pop! 



  1. Sure, it's a (very old and battered) Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3.

    It was only about £100 brand new so should be much cheaper these days.

  2. Thanks! Your blog and picture quality is amazing.

  3. Thank you! That means a lot :)

  4. I love the colour, thanks for sharing! ;)


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