Wednesday 30 November 2011

Barry M Instant Nail Effects Foil Gold and Silver Swatches

I had high hopes for these because I love Barry M polishes. The official word on them is -

 "Instant Nail Effects foil is an amazing addition to our Nail Paints. It is applied like any other Nail Paint but with a luxurious foil finish previously only acheived from a salon manicure. It only requires one coat and is very quick drying."

The finish did end up being quite nice, but I had some trouble with visible brush strokes, leading to me needing more than one coat on some nails. It did dry quite quickly though.

As you can see, there's visible brush strokes no matter how hard I tried! It goes on like silk, which does make it somewhat fiddly to manage. It looks lovely in sunlight though! (see below)

The silver was a little easier to apply, I didn't end up with as many brush strokes.


Overall I wasn't as impressed as I thought I'd be, but I'll definitely be using them again. Maybe practice makes perfect when it comes to the application of foil finishes. Also, I hear these polishes are really good for stamping, so that alone makes them worth it to me.

You can get these in Superdrug for £3.99 each.



  1. I love foil polishes, but no matter what brand you buy, you're always going to get the brush strokes. Try painting the left and right hand side of your nails first, and then do one large sweep down the middle of your nail, it should minimize the brush stroke lines!

  2. I read someone's blog yesterday and it said that to eradicate the problem of brushstroke finishes, one should sponge on the last coat of polish! She showed photos and it worked. Maybe you can try it out!

  3. My gold one looks so stricky when I apply it but is great for stamping.

  4. Sounds good Nicole, I'll definitely give that a try :)

    I was hoping the gold would be a good stamping polish!


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