Wednesday 11 October 2017

Models Own HyperGel Autumn/Winter 2017

Models Own HyperGel Autumn Winter 2017

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Well, it's time to blow the dust off my blog. And let me tell you, there is a lot of it. After being away for so long, I'd forgotten how to do pretty much everything, from hand poses to post formatting to picture editing. It took a good while to get back into it but I feel like I'm nearly there, and hopefully my posts are at least up to their old standard. During the time that I've been away I've also woefully neglected my nails (I haven't even been applying Nail Envy, which is a crime against manicures) and my cuticles are as dry as the Sahara, but I'm working on that.

So, why did I disappear for so long? No one particular reason, really. Blogger burnout, mental health issues, physical health felt like someone sucked the motivation out of me with a giant straw. At one point I decided to close my blog for good, but I changed my mind, and I'm going to do my best to stick around. You'll just have to bear with me while I try and get myself back in the loop!

I will be attempting to catch up on some older collections which are still relevant, but I'm jumping back in with something brand new. I received an advanced preview of the new Autumn/Winter Models Own HyperGel shades and thought this would be a great place to start back up, so here they are!

I'm quite happy to be coming back with some moody Autumn/Winter hues, I will admit I'm not really in the mood for brights at the moment. Models Own have launched ten gorgeous new HyperGel shades, a range which I'm a big fan of and have covered extensively on my blog in the past.

All of these polishes have a semi-matte finish, which is new for HyperGel since they usually have a high gloss finish. It works wonderfully with these shades though, and if you prefer a gloss finish all you need to do is add a shiny top coat.

Flat Out is a soft beige with a hint of pink. Probably my favourite from the bunch! Just 2 coats needed

Models Own Flat Out

Gorge Peach is a dusky, muted pink which I almost want to call salmon. 2 coats

Models Own Gorge Peach

Profuse pink is a brighter shade of pink, but still manages to be quite subdued. 2 coats

Models Own Profuse Pink

Packed Pink is more like a dusky mauve (to my eyes) with a slight pink undertone. 2 coats

Models Own Packed Pink

Smoky Lilac is a grey-lilac, another one of my favourites. I love how moody it is! 2 coats

Models Own  Smoky Lilac

Teeming Taupe is, well, taupe. Not much else to say there! 2 coats

Models Own Teeming Taupe

Padded Purple is a dark violet. I found the darker shades a bit more streaky on the first coat, but they even out nicely with a thicker second coat. 2 coats shown here

Models Own Padded Purple

Complete Red is a super dark burgundy. Very classic! 2 coats

Models Own Complete Red

Supreme red is a very dark, almost black red. Like if you put a bit of black food colouring in your red wine (not recommended!) 2 coats

Models Own Supreme Red

Lastly is Routine Red, a classic matte red. 2 coats

Models Own Routine Red

I'm impressed with all the formulas here, they're pretty consistent throughout, creamy to apply and non-streaky. The toned down shades would be perfect to wear to the office or just to match up with your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.


- Available now from Models Own stores in Leeds Trinity and Stratford Westfield
- Available from from 3rd of November



  1. Welcome back!

    And looks like I have to tell my boyfriend to get those shades (especially the lighter coloured ones) for me! (I'm in Germany the land of "What's Models Own?" because our range is super small and just available online and basically just 'no'.)

    1. Oh no! Hope he manages to get them for you, they're definitely worth it!

  2. Allie, I've missed your beautiful photos and your lovely posts. But take your time - your health and happiness are the most important considerations by far.

    Wishing you all the very best,

    A long-time reader xx

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! So glad you enjoy my blog. xx

  3. Great post I love this collection and the new packaging. It's great to see you are back xxx

  4. Teeming Taupe and Complete Red look lovely!

    Sara - Flemingo

  5. So happy to see you and your beautifull nails & manicure back. Anyway, take the time needed and give priority to any health issue. Always though that publishing on a blog should be a pleasure, not a contraint. I will appreciate your post as they come, whenever you feel like doing so.
    Take care.


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