Friday 25 December 2015

Cirque Colors Holiday 2015

Cirque Colors Holiday 2015
Merry Christmas everyone! I'm still on a blogging break, but I really wanted to show you the Holiday 2015 polishes from Cirque Colors because they're ALL I've been wearing on my nails over the festive season. This is definitely my favourite holiday collection this year...quite an accolade!

Cirque's Holiday collection consists of 4 shades - 1 permanent and 3 limited edition. One of the limited edition shades, AU, wasn't included in my sample pack because it's only produced in very limited quantities - but you can see it here on the website.  

Reflektor (LE) is a super reflective platinum silver with pure silver coated micro flakes. I definitely see a gold tone in there too! This is a stunning polish, so sassy and stand-out. Wonderful formula, I used 2 coats plus top coat.

Cirque Colors Reflektor

Cirque Colors Reflektor

Madder (permanent) is a deep crimson subtle holographic shade. I love that the holo is quite delicate in this, I always prefer subtle to strong when it comes to holo. This is highly pigmented and one coat would have been enough, but I always use 2 as we know! 

Cirque Colors Madder

Cirque Colors Reflektor

Halcyon (LE) is a gorgeous rose gold, again made with pure silver coated micro flakes. This one made me need to take a seat because I love it so much! The intensity of the rose gold varies depending on your light source, but in any light it's completely beautiful. I often do nails for my friends, and this one has been my most requested lately - I'm at least 1/4 through the bottle already! I used 2 easy coats plus top coat.

I really love all 3 of these shades, but Reflektor and Halycon are in a league of their own. I've been wearing Halycon for pretty much the whole of December!


- Available now from Cirque Colors
- Available in the UK from Rainbow Connection
- Check the international stockists page for more availability

Net proceeds from the sale of this collection will benefit "Girls Who Code" - a non-profit organisation that works to inspire and educate young women to pursue opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.

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  1. this trio is awesome! I'm sooo happy to have it :)

  2. Wow these are beautiful, your swatches are always so gorgeous! Halycon is def my fave as well!!


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