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Christmas Gift Ideas For The Nail Polish Enthusiast

Christmas Gift Ideas For Nail Polish Lovers

There's still plenty of shopping days left until Christmas (or so I keep telling myself) and I've compiled a list of gift ideas for lovers of nail polish and nail art! If you're lacking in inspiration for a Secret Santa or a stocking filler, you might just find something here. Please note there are no affiliate links on this post, just things I think would make genuinely nice gifts, and they're in no particular order.

MoYou London Complete Stamping Sets

What is it?

Think of it as a starter kit in nail stamping - you get 2 stamping plates, 3 stamping polishes and a stamper & scraper set, all presented in a cute box (making it easy to wrap...isn't it amazing when presents are in boxes!?) and there's 16 sets to choose from

Why I chose it

It comes beautifully presented in lovely packaging, and having used MoYou before I can speak for the quality. Both seasoned nail artists and those who just like to dabble would enjoy one of these sets. You can of course buy everything separately too, in case you fancy making up your own!

Available from: MoYou London, priced £29.99 per set. 

Barry M Glitterati Nail Paint

What are they?

Wonderfully festive and sparkly glitter nail polishes from Barry M

Why I chose them

There's no other nail polish quite like these on the high street at the moment! They're amazing quality and very affordable - I can't imagine anyone would begrudge finding a few of these in their stocking!

Available from:, Boots and Superdrug (in store and online), priced £3.99 each. 

Soap & Glory Nail Call gift set

What is it? 

Basically a pampering kit for your hands and nails, presented in a really cute tin - I think I might love the tin even more than the products inside! 

Why I chose it

Can I mention the tin again!? It also contains a couple of  nail polishes, which is interesting as I've never seen Soap & Glory polishes before.

Available from: Boots (in store and online) priced £12.00

"So many colours, so few nails" Pocket Mirror by Milly Bee

What is it?

An adorable little pocket mirror, with a slogan that any nail fanatic can relate to! Comes presented in a little velvet drawstring pouch (of which you have a choice of colours)

Why I chose it

It's unique and made by a British company, Milly Bee. They also have a few other make-up related designs available. Really hoping I might find one of these in my own stocking! ;)

Available from:, priced £5.00

WAH London Ultimate Nail Art Kit

What is it?

Ok, so this one is expensive, but if it's in your price range it's an impressive gift. It's a huge nail art kit from the famous WAH Nails, containing everything from nail art pens to tutorial cards, presented in an awesome case (I really, really want the case!)

Why I chose it

I was reluctant to include this as it's a bit of a splurge, but it's just so fun! It really does contain everything you need to get started in nail art (I want to get my hands on that clean up brush) and it's all presented so nicely with the case and little carry pouch!

Available from: Boots (online, not too sure about in store availability) priced £85.00

The Lacquer Lab Beauty Baubles

What are they?

Gorgeous acrylic baubles containing a full size bottle of polish from The Lacquer Lab, with a sprinkling of confetti, ready to hang on the tree! Finished with a cute hand-tied ribbon and a gift tag to write a message on.

Why I chose them

I can't get over how cute the idea of a nail polish inside a bauble is! I've seen a few brands doing it this year, but these have to be the nicest ones I've seen in terms of presentation, and they have a personal touch. Plus you can choose any The Lacquer Lab polish to put inside!

Availabe from: Only from, priced £10 each.

Topshop Mini Nail Pyramids

What are they?

Continuing with the nail polish in a bauble theme, these are a cheaper option (though not as luxurious and your choice is limited in terms of  polish) You get a mini Topshop nail polish inside a little pyramid, ready to go on the tree or in a stocking.

Why I chose them

Same reasons as the previous baubles - I just love the idea and they're so pretty!

Available from: Topshop, in store and online, priced £5.00 each.

Nail Art Brush Sets

What are they?

Complete sets of nail art brushes, containing a variety of different brushes plus dotting tools.

Why I chose them

A set of brushes is essential for a budding nail artist, and even if someone already has a set, another one can't hurt, right!? (that's my way of feeling better about the 375 million brushes I own)

Available from: The white set is from Models Own, priced £7.99. The pink set is from ASOS, priced £6.00

OPI Avojuice

What is it?

Avojuice is OPI's range of hand lotions, and I adore them! So much so that I included them in my hand & nail care guide. They come in pump bottles or mini handbag size bottles, and if you bunch one in with an OPI polish or two, you've got a perfect present.

Why I chose them

They're silky-smooth, non-greasy and smell completely delicious. Everyone should have a bottle! (or, like me, a pump bottle for the house and a mini for your handbag) ;)

Available from: OPI UK, priced from £2.25 - £9.10 depending on size. You can also find cheap deals for these on eBay!

Rainbow Connection Gift Card

What is it?

Pretty self explanatory! A gift card from Rainbow Connection, a website selling an array of indie nail polishes from across the world (chances are you've heard of it!)

Why I chose it

This is a fail-proof gift - give one of these to a nail polish lover and you're likely to lose them for hours while they choose what they want to spend it on. I'd probably be beside myself if I received one of these!

Available from: Rainbow Connection, priced from £10.

Ok, we've reached the end! I hope you find something helpful on the list. Happy shopping!


  1. Really nice ideas for gifts! Thanks for sharing dear :)

  2. Great gift guide Allie, I'm so glad you published it, I didn't even know about some of these products :)

  3. As a nail polish enthusiast - I CONCUR.


    : )

  4. cool I especially like the bubbles with the lacquer!!!!


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