Tuesday 6 August 2013

Morgan Taylor Swatches

I have a couple of swatches from a brand called Morgan Taylor today. I'd had my eye on Under The Stars for a while and was lucky enough to be sent it, along with Gotta Have Hue. Morgan Taylor is a professional brand created by the founders of Gelish and recently launched at Urban Retreat in Harrods. 

Unforunately, I really could not capture how nice Under The Stars is. I tried so hard, I must have taken about 50 pictures in a million different lights, but it just didn't get the sparkle. If you follow me on Instagram, I've put up a quick video of the bottle so you can see how nice it actually looks! It has different sized pieces of holographic glitter, in a midnight blue base.

You can see some sparkle on this one. It does look much nicer in real life. I used two coats and 2 coats of top coat.

I love it, it's unique in my stash! 

I also tried out one of their creme polishes. This is Gotta Have Hue, a richly pigmented turquoise. This looks so glossy when it's on! I used 2 coats and top coat.

This is just the kind of formula I look for in a creme. These polishes also have an awesome brush, it's long and wide and similar to the OPI pro-wide brushes. They have some gorgeous looking glitters, shimmers and cremes on their website. I'm dying to try All The Right Moves and New York State of Mind! They're presented in a really eye-catching way on the website too.

Morgan Taylor lacquer is available from Urban Retreat at Harrods and at selected salons, RRP £10.50. I've also seen a few on eBay in the UK.



  1. Oooh I'm excited about seeing this range in UK, been salivating over them on US blogs and I accounts :D

  2. wow Under The Stars is spectacular!

  3. Under the stars in unbelievably beautiful!! Gotta have hue is also really nice, great swatches!! :)


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