Monday 26 August 2013

Models Own Velvet Goth Collection Swatches and Review

Today I'm excited to have swatches and a review of the Models Own Velvet Goth Collection! Be warned, very picture heavy post ahead!

The Velvet Goth collection consists of 5 matte finish glitters, each with a limited edition velvet cap! They apply glossy and dry to a velvety matte finish which feels soft on the nail. They're slightly textured but not gritty and still manage to feel quite smooth. The combination of densely packed glitter and a matte finish gives them an interesting multi-faceted look. If you prefer a glossy look, just add a top coat and it brings the sparkle to life!

The formula is very pigmented (with the exception of Obsidian) and quite thick the way matte polishes tend to be. You cannot really linger in application of mattes because they start to dry so quickly, so it's best to be speedy and as even as possible when applying these.

I'll start with Sardonyx, a scarlet red packed with fine sparkly red glitter and fine matte black glitter. This is 2 coats. You may encounter the odd bald spot, but it's easy to fix just by spreading a little more polish on top of it. 

This is with a glossy top coat. Remind me of raspberry seeds!

Next is Absinthe, a deep emerald green with fine green and silver glitter. This also has some bigger green hex glitter. I definitely prefer this one with a glossy top coat, it makes it SO sparkly! 2 coats here

Glossy - 

Next is Obsidian, a charcoal grey with bits of silver glitter that remind me of iron shavings! This also has bigger hex glitters with an iridescent shine, I tried to capture it but it was hard! This is the most sheer of the 5 and needed 3 coats.

The iridescent shine comes out much more with a glossy top coat, thought my pictures don't really show it.

Next is Valerian, a rich bottle blue with fine black and silver glitter and larger sparkly blue hex glitter. This one is probably my favourite of the bunch. 2 coats 

Glossy - 

Last is Amethyst, a royal purple with fine purple and silver glitter, and larger shiny purple hex glitter. 2 coats here.

Glossy -

That's a lot of pictures! Who ever said I wasn't thorough eh!? 

My verdict on these is positive, they're quite unique as they're smoother than a textured polish (liquid sand etc.) have a lot more glitter and the deep shades feel very autumn/winter to me and even make me feel a bit christmassy. I do prefer them with a glossy finish though.

What do you think? Do you prefer them matte or glossy and will you be picking any up?


The Velvet Goth collection are available now at the Models Own Bottleshop in Westfield London, and if you can't make it there you'll be able to get them online at from 2nd September (international shipping available) They'll be coming to Boots stores from 4th September and Superdrug stores from 25th September.

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  1. Great swatches! As soon as I saw this collection on the Models Own Facebook page I was so excited. I think they look much better with a top coat. I can't wait to get my hands on them! x

  2. I love those! They look awesome with a top coat.

  3. I absolutely love every one of the polishes. I'm even partial to them on their own, without top coat... I'm a sucker for matte polishes. Is it just the pics, or do the Models Own Velvet polishes go on smoother (with a smoother finish) than other polishes like liquid sand, Pixi Dust, etc?

    1. Yeah they're definitely smoother! Not 100% smooth as you can see, but not gritty like liquid sand and pixie dust.

  4. I LOVE your swatches!!! My favourites are Sardonyx and Valerian, as much as I love matte nails I prefer them glossy cause they're more sparkly :)

  5. I love your swatches but to be honest I really am not liking this collection. I think having the name as 'velvet' makes me think one thing and then they are actually smooth glitters. Don't get it!


  6. Swatches, finally! I was really eager to see what these "velvet goth" polishes looked like!

  7. I LOVE the absinthe colour... *rushes out door to purchase it...*

  8. Oooh these look awesome, can't wait to get my hands on these!

  9. Love these, I am a fan of glossy over Matte for sure. I like my polish shiny.

  10. I love Absinthe! I think I actually prefer these matte as opposed to glossy.
    Great swatches :)

    Jess xo

  11. Your reviews are so helpful! Can't tell you how many times I've visited your site!

    A big thank you from a fellow nail blogger!!! :)


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