Saturday 18 February 2012

GOSH Berry Me Swatches

Ladies, what do you do when one of your perfectly manicured nails snaps clean off, so far down that it looks like a gerbil gnawed on it? Do you nub the rest, or just wait for it to grow back? Stick a false one on? My hands look a total mess, so I don't want to post for a while really :( I do have this to show you though, pictures taken before my nails went AWOL. 

This is GOSH special edition - Berry Me

Skimlinks Test

These pics are a few months old, excuse the poor clean up, my clean up and photography skills were not at the heady heights they are now (can't even say that with a straight face).

This is a vampy berry-red creme, with undertones of pink and I think I see purple? Or is that me being insane? 

The formula is quite thick but applies pretty nicely. I have two coats on in the pictures, with top coat. I absolutely love this colour...don't forget the base coat with this one though, staining little bugger!



  1. oooo i love this berry so pretty.. do not at all know what you are talking about with pictures and clean up??? yorr nuts!

  2. Haha I don't know I like to think I've improved but in reality it's more or less the same!

  3. WOW I'm so gutted I never picked this one up!! GOSH always come out with amazing polishes!!! Also your nails look perfect, no cleanup issues that I can see!!! xx


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