Friday 19 August 2016

Models Own Soft Pop HyperGel

Models Own Soft Pop Hypergel
I'm a little late with this collection but it's so super pretty that it's definitely a case of better late than never. Soft Pop is a collection of 5 bright pastel shades (in the nail world we know that bright pastel is definitely a thing that exists!) in the popular HyperGel range from Models Own.

These all have a slightly chalk-like feel to them, and you'll definitely need top coat if you want a glossy finish; I used Models Own HyperGel top coat for these swatches but any will work. For the paler shades, I found that 3 thin coats worked well, but with smaller nails you'll probably be fine with just 2. They apply pretty evenly and are self-levelling, and top coat smoothed out any slight imperfections.

Lilac Flush is a vibrant lilac creme. 2 coats plus top coat

Models Own Lilac Flush

Candyfloss is a pale sugary baby pink creme. 3 thin coats plus top coat

Models Own Candyfloss

Sugar Rush is a powdery baby blue. 3 thin coats plus top coat

Models Own Sugar Rush

Cosy Posy is a lime sherbet creme. Definitely my favourite! 3 thin coats plus top coat

Models Own Cosy Posy

Lemon Popsicle is a lemon sherbet creme. 3 thin coats plus top coat

Models Own Lemon Popsicle

These are gorgeous and very possibly my favourite additions so far to the HyperGel range. Which one is your favourite? Would you dare to wear these in the Autumn/Winter months?


- Available now from and all UK Models Own Bottleshops,  £4.99 each
- Also available from Superdrug



  1. OMG so beautiful colors!!! *.*

  2. Love your swatches Allie, this collection is super pretty & I was thrilled to get it for my birthday. However if I hadn't I'd be rushing out to grab them after seeing these swatches.
    Vicky xx

  3. OMG these are perfect! I want every single one. I wonder where I can get them in Aus. I've never looked for Model's Own here before so will hunt it down. Beautiful swatches Allie, you've made me need these!

  4. These are all so pretty, I would wear them all! Lemon looks incredible on you Allie!

  5. Oh, aren't they a beauty? Not so much the pinks but all three of them - blue, green and yellow - are gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely swatches, hun!

  6. Candy Floss and Cosy Posy are my top picks here. Totally flawless swatches!

  7. Don't make me pick a favourite! I love them all and would wear these year round. So so pretty! Gorgeous swatches Allie!


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