Monday 20 June 2016

Barry M Boots/Superdrug Limited Edition Summer 2016

Barry M Boots Superdrug Limited

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It's been a while! I had an amazing time in Orlando and I've been horrified by the tragedies that have occurred there recently, it's such a great place with wonderful people and they're very much in my thoughts.

I return with a much delayed look at the Summer Boots and Superdrug limited edition polishes from Barry M. They're subdued shades for a Summer collection but definitely worth checking out.

There's 4 limited editions to pick up - two exclusive to Boots and two exclusive to Superdrug. I have to admit the thing I love most about LE Barry M polishes are the lids, they're always fancy and different every time. This time they're a lovely embossed rose gold! I think this is also the first time we've seen the names of the shops printed on the bottles.

Golden Sands (Boots exclusive) is a soft nude with plenty of gold sparkle. This one dries matte. 2 easy coats

Barry M Golden Sands

Barry M Golden Sands

Beachy Keen (Boots exclusive) is a medium tan creme. A little boring perhaps but a good 2 coat formula.

Barry M Beachy Keen

Festival Fever is a candy pink with gold shimmer. This one dries semi-matte. Amazing formula, almost 1 coats but I've used 2 for perfect coverage.

Barry M Festival Fever

Barry M Festival Fever

Carnival Couture is a soft beige with pearl shimmer, which is more evident in the bottle than on the nail. Again this is a little boring but has a great 2 coat formula. 

Barry M Carnival Couture

I'm a fan of Barry M taking a subtle approach to their Summer releases, although I do find the 2 cremes quite dull. The glitter and shimmer make up for it though and there's great formulas all round, as always! Let me know your thoughts. 


- Available now from Boots and Superdrug, priced £3.99 each



  1. oh wow, so beautiful! first one is the best one!

  2. All of these are so pretty =]

  3. Oh my goodness, these are lovely! I especially love the exclusive <3

  4. Love all of these colours and as usual your swatching is perfect! I think Golden Sands is still a fave though.
    Vicky xx

  5. I really like that they decided to add some shimmer and flakes in these. I think my fav is that final nude you showed, Carnival Couture. Stunning swatches though, you make them all look good!

  6. oh, it's good to see you back! I'm the super fan of those new Barry M releases but the first one is really nice :)

  7. Unf, Golden Sands is gooorgeous! Perfect swatches <3

  8. Welcome back! I really like the look of Golden Sands, although you're making all of these look great =)

  9. Love your swatches! I've only tried the superdrug ones but the ones for boots look gorgeous

  10. I can't complain about these, pretty great for summer and all year round. Good to see you back!


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