Monday 3 October 2011

Barry M Matt White + Half-Moon Mani

I am a sucker for half-moon manicures, there's endless colour combinations and I find they make my nails look longer. I started out with two coats of Matt White by Barry M (It's not actually matte, for some reason).

I always find whites a pain to get even, but this was ok after two coats.

I then used some of those little hole reinforcers from stationary shops (I got mine from WH Smith) and painted one coat of Black by Barry M over the top. I have tried to free-hand half moons in the past, but the result is just never as good as when you use these stickers.

I finished with a top coat by Rimmel and it was good to go.

I'm thinking of getting some Kleancolor glitters from eBay. Does anyone have any, and what ones are your favourites? I need help!



  1. ohh, simple but gorgeous, i love half moons but very rarely do them on myself loll,i looked at the kleancolors on ebay and think they are far too overpriced and i have been meaning to order some from beautyjoint very soon !

  2. Love these. I use the stickers too :)

  3. @nail loopy, you think so? I found some for $1.88 a bottle...I'm tempted!

    @chantelle & AAR, thank you! :)

  4. LOVE the colors you choose for the half moon manicure!

  5. $1.88 !!! send us a link lolll, i thought you meant the ones that uk sellers were selling for £10.99 each !!!!!

  6. i love the look of these on your nails!

  7. BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 I've tried the half moon several times and ended up with epic fails. I'm still practicing though! :D I love this look so much!

  8. @loopy, the postage on beautyjoint is actually cheaper than the ebay seller, so best sticking with that. I'm ordering some tonight!

    Thanks Tory and IDNP! :)

  9. wowowowow!! those colours are gorge! soooo different!


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